Experience Zero gravity in the most comfortable and functional recliner. It is known as the best Zero Gravity chair of all, as it follows the movements of your body and may be locked in any position.

When Contura is fully reclined, the weight of your body is evenly distributed, thus reducing the pressure on your joints and muscles. In this position, you reach an optimal relaxation with feet above the heart, allowing your body to really enjoy a weightless feeling that you will love to experience every day.

The Contura collection consists of three models:

  • 20.00 comes without armrests.
  • 20.10 comes with fully upholstered armrests, that follow the movement of the chair.
  • 20.80 has hinged, steel armrests that follow the movements of the chair. With upholstered, leather covered arm tops.

They all come with manual recline movement. Optional with motorized reclining.