Svein Asbjørnsen

Designer Contura
Svein Asbjørnsen is a very creative furniture designer. Through his strong innovative and technical talents he has created long lasting furniture concepts for the international markets – within home, office and even transportation and health treatment designs. All with his stringent demands on visual design and ergonomics. All ideas have been further developed, constructed and built - from sketches to ready functional models - with his colleagues in SapDesign AS. Svein Asbjørnsen have received several awards for his designs including Eight Prizes for “Design Excellence”, “Best in Show – and Gold Award” at NEOCON, Chicago, “Certifcate of Excellence” at SIDIM; Le Salon International du Design at Montreal, “Award for Intelligent Material & Design” at the Interzum Technical Furniture Fair in Cologne, Germany.

Oddmund Vad

Designer Convair
The Convair chair concept was created to bring out two main aspects; the infinity sense given by circles, and rounded progressive lines with a flow that never ends. The wooden rings of Convair fulfill this connotation evoking infinity and nature as a part of its identity. Convair was launched in 1973, and received good acceptance for its ground breaking design and style. It is a unique design product, making it a one off a kind piece of furniture. Convair was sold on five continents for a decade, and is now brought back to the market. Convair was inspired by the observation of the multiple circles contained in a paper roll. These lines emerge from nature like the veins in the trunk of the trees.